DDC22 – Mental Health

Digital Drama Challenge 2022 or DDC22, has a more challenging theme which is Mental Health. 

Mental Health is a deep and broad topic on its own with many areas still yet to be discovered by the medical field, hence students are required to do their own research before working their own production. 

In addition to a difficult topic, schools are also having a difficult time simply because it is the first full year of post Covid-19 and most major events are returning back and taking the centre stage. This forces schools to withdraw from the DDC2022 in an effort to focus all resources to the first return to a school’s norm. We do understand their position because its the first run post covid and all eyes will be on the success of their own event.

With all things taken into consideration, this event was almost on the verge of a cancellation until we were contacted by students to revive this competition and that they are keen to work on this as their year end project for their drama club.

And DDC2022 was revived with no questions asked. 

We received the submissions but was unable to air it due to permit issues from the schools.

With that, DDC2022 was carried out as an offline, inhouse event on 30th November 2022