Digital Drama Challenge – What is it?

What is Digital Drama Challenge?

Digital Drama Challenge is a challenge platform organized by Thespian Lab for drama students, to give them the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to work on a digital production. 

DDC is not just a 2-hour event. It is a 2-3 month-long event that includes a preparation term that is gamified with the use of a point rewarding system, yellow cards, red cards, and lastly, the use of Life Cards.

The very first of its kind, gamification of drama learning, designed for Drama Club students with the opportunity to put their drama skills to the test and bring them to the next level; which is Self Application! Students will be ‘forced’ to apply their skills and knowledge to produce a digital drama performance.

Videos by the finalists will be included in the live stream and winners of various categories will be announced at the same e-event.

NOTE: None of the productions will be uploaded onto our social media. Competing schools will conduct their own showcase. Students are advised to check with their Drama teachers on this.

Event poster for DDC2023


  1. To provide an opportunity for Drama Club students to apply what they have learned to make a production.
  2. To inculcate teamwork and promote the sharing of knowledge across all levels through gamification
  3. Learn to take calculated risks and leverage their options to bring out the best in their respective teams and situations.
  4. Reinforces what students have learned i.e. basic drama training.
  5. As this is a student-managed project, students will learn about human behavior, communication skills, responsibility, accountability, and people management in addition to project management.
  6. Provide students with a sense of mission and purpose in 2nd semester.

Sometimes, we think we know… until we are placed in a position where we have to apply that knowledge and skills to create our own production. 

This is where we will learn to be flexible and adaptable. How can we apply that knowledge and skills, in this current situation? 

To all participating students, all the best in your production and we look forward to your submission!