Message to Digital Drama Challenge Competitors.


Good day to teachers, students, and competitors of the Digital drama Challenge 2021.

This is Faizal, and I am the lead organizer for this event and I will be sharing with you some updates as we move closer towards November.

Due to the overwhelming response, the Challenge Committee have decided to make some changes to the competition process

There is no additional task on your part but as competitors, you need to know. This update, among other updates in the future can be found in our website at or just scan this QR code to get there.

1. The competition will now consist of 2 rounds: preliminary and final. All submissions will undergo preliminary round judging. Based on the scores, some teams will advance to the final round while the rest will be ‘eliminated’.

2. Due to time restriction (constraint), only the finalists’ production will be streamed online during the Digital Drama Challenge.

3. Nevertheless, all productions will be uploaded into our Youtube Channel, Facebook Page and Instagram, so that viewers will get the opportunity to enjoy your work.

4. The Challenge Trophies have been restricted to just to following for each category.
a. Best Production
b. Best Script
c. Best Ensemble

5. All participants will receive a Challenge Certificate.

IF you have any questions, do reach out to me or your instructors and we will try to address those concerns.

In the meantime, do take care and all the best in your examination and production


This is Faizal, signing off…

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