Happy Belated Teachers’ Day

I said this before and I will say this again; Being an educator is not an easy feat.

In 2006 since the day I was ‘thrown’ by my manager to conduct safety training for the company’s engineering staff, I have been conducting staff training across all levels.

In 2009, I started conducting mobilization workshops for our clients.

In 2011, I joined a training company and began working in a school environment, conducting workshops for schools.

In 2013, I began teaching in adult workshops in Work Skills Qualification.

Every level of learners that I have taught presents its own unique challenges.

Tomorrow, most schools will be celebrating teachers’ day so I thought doing up an appreciation video might be good.

This video is dedicated to those teachers, lecturers, trainers and mentors that have crossed my path and have given me golden nuggets that remained valuable to this day.


To all teachers, lecturers, trainers and mentors, you have chosen a path to nurture, teach and educate.

Thank you... And A Happy Teachers' Day!

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