SYF 2021 Is Finally Over! Phew!

The first quarter of 2021 has been very challenging, especially when SYF (Singapore Youth Festival) is concerned.

Challenging for all instructors, for the teachers, for the students and I am very sure that the organizing committee has the biggest challenge of all since they oversee all performing arts. So I think a big thank you to the organizers. As an event organizer myself, it is tough balancing every ones’ expectation. In this case, balancing the government’s Covid-19 ruling and the everchanging landscape. 

This year’s SYF for Drama was held online with livestreams for everyone to catch. According to the SYF Facebook Page, there were 16 categories in total, with over 25,000 students taking part. There had over 300,000 live steam views for this 27-day event! What a feat!

Here are some of my favourite photos and you can find these photos from the SYF FB Page

For the instructors and teachers, I believe the challenge was about adjusting the play to suit the Covid-19 restrictions and at the same time, scoring the points.

Despite the stumbles, I think it is a fair deal because every single entry will face the same problem. So this is where the adaptability of the instructor comes into play. 

And of course, the students ought to be congratulated for their effort in putting up such a show for everyone. On behalf of my team at Thespian Lab, we ant to congratulate every student who took part in this year’s SYF, regardless of the results. 


It took a lot of effort to remember every dialogue, every movement, and adjusting to the changes as the days go by… believe me.. I know it is tough.. We hope that preparing for this SYF will bring you opportunities to learn Life Skills. Life skills like adapting to change, tolerance, overcoming stage fright, and the list goes on. 

Whatever the award, know that you have done a great job! 



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