Actor Training Basics – Setting The Right Posture

Since we’re in the middle of a Covid-19 Circuit Breaker, we are not able to continue with your training. We feel that this is a great opportunity for us to take a step back from intensive competition preparation and get back to basics.

We need our body to respond well to our instinct i.e. better reflexes, better reaction etc. Hence some exercises to develop a good posture alignment will be a good start.

A good posture facilitates a natural energy flow that supports harmonious movement.

In this video, Thespian Lab’s Creative Director Sugi will be showing you some basic exercises to help with your posture. If you feel some of the exercises and stretches as too difficult or hurtful, try to do it progressively. Remember, we want progress, not perfection. Take it one step at a time and you will see an improved posture.

Why Is A Good Posture Important?

A good posture is an important element in any form of self-presentation and communication, regardless of whether you’re a drama/theatre performer or a businessman or a security professional. A good posture improves breathing, and it helps reduce back-related pains that you might have. A good posture improves your body language, voice projection, tone of voice and these alone accounts for about 90% of personal communication. If you need to speak in public or do a presentation, a good posture is definitely a plus point vs a presenter who is slouching in front of an audience.

In simple terms, a good posture reflects control, confidence, and authority. Need to make a good first impression? Ignore that pimple. Take care of that posture first.

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