Actor’s Training Part 2 – Correcting Your Posture


Can we fix a bad posture?

In most cases, posture is a matter of habit and conditioning. There are some with bone-related issues, specifically the spline, which requires the consultation of a chiropractor but in general, it’s a habit issue that can be rectified with proper conditioning.


Is it too late to fix a bad posture?

It is never too late to improve your posture. The human body is designed to be adaptable, hence, with good conditioning strategies, you will get to enjoy the benefits of an improved posture.

Reminder again… We want improvement, not perfection. Every bit counts and you need to be patient while staying on this conditioning course.

In this video, Thespian Lab’s Creative Director Sugi will share with you some of the basic exercises that you can do to correct your posture. Remember to take your time to learn these exercises before you execute them. If you feel it’s too tough, take it in small steps.

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