Actor’s Training Part 3 – Setting A Routine For A Stronger Posture

Making Improvements, Not Perfection.

This is the motto by Thespian Lab in all areas of our training programme and that all our Thespian Trainers live by.

How do we make progress?

For any type of progress to yield visible results, we need just 2 words – Consistent, Effort. The same can be said in all areas of our lives.

We need consistent effort to make relationships work,

we need consistent effort to write a bestseller,

we need consistent effort to improve get better health, and of course,

we need consistent effort to enjoy the benefits of an improved posture.

In this video, Creative Director and Lead Thespian Trainer Sugi will be showing you two 15-minute route that you can do in the convenience of your own home.

Try this for 10 days and you will find improvements to your posture and in many cases, reduction of back pain.

You might be wondering why there are no exercises like planks, sit-ups, and other exercises that focus on the core muscles which plays a vital role in posture improvement.

Yes, exercises like planks and sit-ups are good, and we do recommend them if you can do them.

What we share in this video is for those who need posture improvements but do not have the basic fitness or strength to execute those advanced conditioning exercises. Everyone has different fitness levels and for some, even a 60 seconds plank can be considered an advanced exercise. If you can, do those planks. If not, this video is a good start.

Remember to take your time to learn these exercises before you execute them. If you feel it’s too tough, take it in small steps.

Let us know in the comment section if you feel any results or other areas you’d like us to cover.

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