Sugiman Rahmat

After completing his Diploma in Drama from Lasalle SIA College of the Arts. Sugiman have been very actively involved in directing drama and musical.

His immense experience of more than 21 yrs in educating and bonding teams of young actors has led him to win several awards in Drama Festivals and Singapore Youth Festivals.

He gains fulfillment through sharing his love for the performance and inspiring future young actors.

Today, as a Creative Director and Training Manager of Thespian Lab, Sugi mentors aspiring educators in the field of Drama and Theatre. In addition, he provides detailed analysis and assessment of plays and performances by Thespian Lab’s clientele.

Why learn Drama and Theatre?

For over 20 years I have dedicated my life to teaching the art of Drama to youths. Personally, I found fulfillment from watching these youths grow to learn and becoming a performer themselves or use the tool of drama in their endeavors and careers. I always believe theatre is not just a space of learning
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  Can we fix a bad posture? In most cases, posture is a matter of habit and conditioning. There are some with bone-related issues, specifically the spline, which requires the consultation of a chiropractor but in general, it’s a habit issue that can be rectified with proper conditioning.   Is it too late to fix
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